Distributors of following Companies:-
1.) Atul Ltd - Colors Division, Atul, Gujarat, India
     (Manufacturing Dyes & Textile Auxiliaries)
2.) Croda Chemicals (India) Pvt Ltd, Navi Mumbai, India
     (Manufacturing Textile Auxiliaries)
3.) Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd, Chennai, India
     (Manufacturing Ultramarine & Surfactants)

Trading in Products:-
1.) Aluminium & Bronze Metallic Powders (Silver, Rich Gold & Pale Gold) of Eckart  & Schlenk, Germany
2.) Pearl Pigments of Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd, Pune, India
3.) Titanium Di Oxide (Tio2; ISI Grade) of DuPont India Pvt Ltd & Travancore Titanium Products Ltd
4.) Imported Hot Stamping Foils
5.) Imported Sodium Alginate

Out-Source & Export of:-
1.) Dyes
2.) Auxiliaries
3.) Surfactants
4.) Chemicals
5.) Ultramarine Blue
6.) Synthetic Detergents

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